venice electroacoustic rendez-vous


venice electroacoustic rendez-vous


by Nicola Cappelletti

Le Jour et la Nuit is a sequence of 176 short pieces for flute, fixed media and live electronics, composed using algorithmic composition procedures to relate music to 176 aphorisms written by the French cubist painter Georges Braque, collected in the book Le jour et la nuit. Cahiers: 1917-1952 (Gallimard, Paris 1952). Eight different forms of notation have been formalized, associated with each piece in relation to a linguistic density parameter. All the musical parameters of the composition, as well as the electronics ones, are likewise related to linguistic, formal and / or structural aspects of the corresponding aphorism. The different notations also represent different degrees of opening of the pieces.  A Le Jour et la Nuit performance should consist of a free choice of the number and order of the pieces to be performed. As well as a book of aphorisms, this work is meant to be a collection from which to extract the desired pieces: the criteria of this choice are left to the performers, and under no circumstances a progressive order performance should be encouraged. For this performance, we choose pieces #003, #172, #085, #033, #030, #053, #118, #103.”

Flute: Sara Valle



Nicola Cappelletti (ITA/FRA) is an electroacoustic composer, sound artist and performer. After the junior studies of violin and a master degree in communication, that leaded him to work in the in the field of design, semiotics and visual communication, he graduated in Electronic Music and New Technologies at the F. Morlacchi Conservatory of Perugia (electroacoustic composition course). Winner of the XV Premio Nazionale delle Arti award (electroacoustic section), his artistic research focuses on the relationship between acoustic sound and electronic treatment, and also deals with audiovisual works, contemporary theatre, dance and poetry. As a composer, his works have been presented in many national and international festivals as ICMC (USA), NYMCEF (USA), OUA Electroacoustic music festival (JPN), SMC 2021, Orizzonti Festival (ITA), Bologna in Lettere (ITA), Encode (ITA), Dancity (ITA) among others. As a performer, he performs live sets and radical improvisations for prepared violin and prepared electric bass and live electronics. He attended workshops and masterclasses with Curtis Roads, John Chowning, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Alberto Novello, Carmine Emanuele Cella, Nicolas Bernier, Nicholas Isherwood, Marko Ciciliani. He’s part of the Electroacoustic Research collective A23 and the contemporary music Ensemble Opificio Sonoro.


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Venice Electroacoustic Rendez-Vous